Sunday, April 24, 2011

more easter

My baby Ryker sleeping off his lunch. So precious.
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happy easter

Had an Amazing day today even though i had to work. Played with the kids, flew a kite, took a nap. Not necessarily in that order. Also grandma Betty made a delicious lunch/dinner. Perfect end to a fantabulous weekend!
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Terrible Twos??...yeah, sometimes

Zane's 2nd Birthday!! We had it at the park, and everyone showed up! It's hard to believe he is already 2. He is getting so big, and so smart. Its amazing how one day I'm the only one who understands him, and the next day he's asking for apple juice and 'apple juice' is perfectly pronunciated. So here are some fairly recent pictures of my little man. This is the fam with Eric's sister Amber.
Zane eating his funfetti cake!

Opening presents. A few of the presents scared him and he refused to take them out of the bag. These were maily the roaring, spitting, moving dinosaurs...

Jadyn taking Ava and Zane for a trip around the park in the wagon...

It was a beautiful day for the park, not to sunny with a little breeze.
So, Zane started swim classes and is the star of his class. He loves the water!! He was also taking a little gymnastic class, where he got to run around on mats and jump on tramplines with other 2 year olds. I am hoping to get him into a little sports class soon. Basically he's still just a laid back happy kid, with more energy then mommy now so she puts him in classes to wear him out before nap time. hehe.
As for Eric and I, thankfully we are doing well. Life keeps us busy as usual. My brother Colin got married recently, my great-grandmother died a couple weeks ago, my mom goes up and down the mountain every other weekend, family is starting to come and go with spring break and summer coming up, and Zane is growing like a weed! Hopefully I will remember to post aging soon with picture from swim class (he looks so cute in goggles). Hope all is well with everyone who gets this.
-Rachelle :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Toddler bed and Home made roller coaster...

Zane is now in a toddler bed! We went and got him some new 'melmo' bedding and he loves it!

However, when he goes down for a nap, he has yet to sleep IN his bed.
He prefers to fall asleep UNDER it for some reason. Any suggestions?

This would be Zane's homemade roller coaster. He puts his push car up on top, gets on, and rides down. This has become a favorite activity of his.
So far he has not been hurt for all of you worry-warts.
Although he did attempt to ride his giant bouncy ball down the slide.
The attempt was thwarted by superdad, who caught him mid-air.

Yes, that is a mowhawk, and yes it has already been shaved off.
It will be back one day.

Other than Zane's Evil Knevil attempts things are pretty much back to normal around here.
I guess that is a good thing. We are back to working Mon - Fri. Woo Hoo!
This year Eric plans to make it to almost every disc golf tournament in the 'az cactus league' so you can expect some more park pictures this year.
Hopefully he becomes pro like he is planning for.

And for those of you who know, we have moved almost all the boxes over from grandmas!
That is something to be proud of for us. :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

A little bit' o Christmas...

This is what Christmas looked like at the Sears house.
A bunch of toys for Zane under the tree.

His first reaction to Kota the Dinosaur...
His second reaction...And we finally got him to ride on the thing :)
He loves to go around the wall between the kitchen and the living room on this little fire truck. I will soon have a path marked on the carpet!
Zane and daddy playing on a sugar high...He so rarely has sugar, that half of a peppermint sucker kept him running and screaming for a couple hours lol.
The new slide! He, of course, loves it.
All the nieces loved it as well. It kept the kids plenty entertained. The older ones crashing into the younger ones, etc.
Zanes new chair. He calls it 'rawr'.And finally, Zane's after christmas haircut. I kept it long for the grandmas who thought the shaggy do was 'sooo cute', but mom and dad like it buzzed. Not sure how long the mow-hawk will stay, I like it for now.

All in all we had a really great christmas. Zane got more than his share of toys (not pictured above, a TON of blocks, Elmo Live, a bbq bubble blower, a truck that sings cotton eyed joe, books, elmo movies, blah blah blah...). Eric and I got a couple small gifts, things we wanted, but mostly it was just nice to get together with family.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So these first couple of pictures are from Abby's Birthday.
Zane shoving a cupcake in his mouth. He is all covered in marker because he was helping to color the cardboard playhouse (and the walls) with the girls.

This is the birthday girl! Abby is now a year old!

Now for some really cute pictures of Zane!
This is him in his new hoodie. Of course it only stayed on long enough to get a picture.

This is one of my favorite pictures. I gave him a baggie full of sliced apple and he immediatly ran outside with it. I looked out the window to see where he went and I didn't see him, so I peeked outside. There he was sitting on this little ledge in his overalls eating his 'bapples'. Of course I thought it was the most adorable thing ever!

There are no thanksgiving pictures because this year we did not really celebrate. I was really sick and we didn't get to go up to Heber with the rest of the family.
Eric did try to make it feel like thanksgiving by warming up some turkey lunchmeat and pouring gravy over it. He also whipped up some instant mashed potatos and stuffing.
The meal was good, just not the same.
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I was sad to miss it.
We also weren't able to go to my Nana's for a good home cooked meal because she ditched out on us. Ugh, I'm so tired of all the family drama.

I am feeling Great now! Ready for Christmas. I got the camera ready for lots of pics of my little guy.
Everyone is coming over here the Saturday after Christmas to celebrate and exchange gifts. It is nice to be in a house and be able to host Christmas.

Next Christmas will be hard to beat though. We will be in Heber, hopefully haveing a
White Christmas.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween/Eric's birthday

Okay, so I went a little out of order, but there should be enough pics to keep everyone happy for another month or so.. Grandma Bell took us out to Famous Daves for some BBQ for Eric's 30th (gasp) birthday. Zane LOVED the Sweet and Zesty bbq sauce the best. I didn't get a 'messy pic' but I did have to ask for extra wet wipes.

Eric and Grandma posing for a picture *cheese*

Awe, he kinda looks like his daddy...

Or does he look more like his mommy???

He loves to give mommy kisses... I think daddy is a lil jealous...

This is on Sunday just before we left to go meet Brandi and Caleb for lunch, then go to the museum for youth, and the az museum of natural history. Everyone loves free first sundays! He actually kept the sunglasses on for the entire car ride!! BTW, this is my favorite shirt.
Big cheesy grin, with the biggest 'kids burrito' I've ever seen.
This was at the AZ museum for Youth, this little area is called 'Artville'. They have a ton of things for kids to do (4 and under) from books, to the slide, to the little play cafe and cars. It really is a neat area for toddlers. Inside the museum part, they had 'recycled art' , art made from trash really, but I thought it was really cool, and imaginative. They also had a Dia de los muertos art on display, that was my favorite. Of course Zane could care less about the art. And, honestly, Eric could too.
This was after the museums when we stopped at Carver's to satisfy a ice cream craving Eric had. Zane however, was infatuated with my pumpkin spice shake. Of course after this he had a extreme sugar rush and was SCREAMING and Laughing in the next store. He was so loud that people were staring and the sales ppl were asking us if he was okay. Of course he was, he was jumping there with a huge smile on his face. Eric and I were laughing so hard that we were crying and could barely breath enough to answer them.
Here it is... the picture you have all been waiting for...
Zane's Halloween costume. He was the cutest, most adorable lion cub in the world! As if he wasnt the best kid already, he kept his hat on the whole time. I had to take him to the store in the costume, and he didn't take his hat off once. I'm so proud. Eric didn't take any pics of him out trick or treating, but you can picture him riding in his red rider wagon. :)
These are just cute extras. These were taken before we went to Uncle Colin's engagement party. I believe he was the only little boy there. Well, I guess is doesnt help when he has 4 girl cousins (with one more girl cousin to arrive in a week or so).
My boys, gosh they're cute!
This, is Zane before bedtime, sitting in the most comfortable chair in the world, with is 2 best friends, Tiger and Quack Quack. Wrapped up in a super soft fleece blanket. Suns colors not intentional. He won't go to sleep without either of those stuffed animals. And I wouldn't change it for the world!